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There are secured loans you can get for just about any financing need, and then there are cheap secured loans that provide financing without excessive fees and additional charges. The average consumer prefers the cheaper loan for obvious reasons. The lower the additional costs, the less money you spend overall to finance home improvements, special purchases, or whatever else you decide to spend the money on.

We can help you arrange a secured loan for almost any financing need. What's more, you can get speedy approval from our whole of market UK lenders. It all comes down to comparing the dozens of secured loan providers making loans available in the UK. The more you compare, the better you will do when you are ready to apply for your loan.

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Representative APR

It is impossible to talk about cheap secured loans without mentioning representative APR. A representative APR is more than just the annual percentage rate (APR) you pay on the money you borrow. It also includes all of the upfront costs and fees associated with taking out a secured loan. This gives you a more accurate picture of how much you will actually spend to secure long-term financing.

For example, do you know that borrowing money against the equity in your home requires your home to be appraised? The cost of the appraisal is rolled into the total amount you borrow. In fact, there are many additional costs you could end up paying when obtaining a secured loan. All of this is combined in a representative APR.

Some lenders reduce the associated costs of borrowing while also keeping the standard APR fairly low. They are your best bet for getting a cheap loan. Others may charge less money in upfront costs while raising the standard APR. Still others charge as much as they can across the board. This is why it is important to compare lenders and loan products.

Fast Approval

The best secured loans are those that are both cheap and quickly approved. In a day and age where everything is done quickly, fast approval is now part of the competitive secured loan market. Some of today's lenders offer preliminary approval in minutes and cash on the same day final approval is authorised. Others may not be as fast, but there is never a need for you to wait days to be approved for a secured loan when so many lenders are doing it much more quickly.

Of course, any preliminary loan approval is subject to review and final approval after certain steps have been taken. Your home will have to be appraised, the lender will have to verify your credit history and ability to repay, and so on. Provided everything matches up with the information you provided during the initial application process, you would have the money you need fairly quickly.

You can use your secured loan for just about anything. Many people use them to make home repairs or to add on a conservatory or outdoor patio. Others use cheap secured loans to purchase a brand-new car, enabling them to spread the payments over a longer term while still enjoying a lower interest rate. Of course, you could also use your secured loan to pay for:

  • a family holiday
  • an unexpected emergency
  • an elective medical procedure
  • the start-up costs of a new business
  • higher education expenses.

Secured Loan Expert is here to help you take advantage of cheap secured loans with fast approval. With good credit and a bit of equity in your home our friendly experts can get you the financing you need at rates you can afford.

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