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High Street banks are still not as enthusiastic as they could be about offering a traditional home loan for the self-employed. But challenger banks and specialist lenders are starting to wake up to the need for more competitive loans for this segment of the UK population. Self-employed loans are out there.

23 May 2017.

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The number of Britons taking advantage of home loan refinancing continues to increase as property values rise and equity grows. Refinancing is a way to pay for remodelling, consolidate debt, get a better interest rate, or even get a new mortgage that is more flexible than what the homeowner currently has.

16 May 2017.

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Are you one of the homeowners who took out a 2nd mortgage in 2016? If so, you were part of a market that has seen plenty of fluctuation in the last 14 months. Second mortgages have not performed as well as experts had hoped, but that is more about lenders than borrowers.

09 May 2017.

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Banks have been pretty lax with credit card lending for the last 18 months or so. Fierce competition has led them to extend more generous credit card offers with more liberal terms. But those are coming to an end, according to the BoE. Conversely, secured lending could be poised for growth.

02 May 2017.

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Debt consolidation is one way to pay off credit cards, personal loans, and other forms of credit weighing down a person's budget. As such, the loans are extremely popular in the UK. Smart debt consolidators know the strength of consolidation loans and how to use them to settle their debts.

28 April 2017.

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The home refinancing market looks to have a strong 2017 as evidenced by an annual report published by Fitch Ratings. Market conditions here are favourable for a moderation of house prices as well as more homeowners looking to refinance current homes instead of attempting to move up the property ladder.

27 April 2017.

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We know Britons are very good borrowers. Do they repay as well as they borrow? For some people, repaying a heavy load of indebtedness boils down to taking out a consolidation loan. But before this is done, a borrower should sit down and honestly assess his or her debt problems.

25 April 2017.

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Are you an average homeowner? If so, you left home at 21, and you will live in seven different houses before you die. You will also spend more than £26,000 on home renovations. The only question relating to those renovations is how you'll pay for them. A home owner loan, perhaps?

21 April 2017.

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