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Buying a second home is something homeowners do for different reasons. Most of the time, a buyer will mortgage the second home. But borrowing might be more difficult with stricter lending rules now in place. Of course, there are the matters of stamp duty and income tax to consider as well.

10 November 2016.

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Debt consolidation is the number one reason for getting unsecured loans, according to new research. Nearly half of all unsecured loan applicants use their cash to consolidate other debts into a single, monthly payment. Interestingly, the same does not hold true for secured loans; these are usually dedicated to home improvement.

08 November 2016.

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Commercial lending and borrowing are seen as somewhat of an economic harbinger because it demonstrates the willingness of businesses to take on debt. So it's good news to learn that secured business loans saw substantial growth in Q3 2016. All signs are pointing toward growing confidence in the UK economy.

04 November 2016.

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Overwhelming credit card debt is a real problem. When it comes to consolidating that debt, one of the worst things a consumer can do is seek out a 0% balance transfer credit card without fully understanding the implications. Paying off existing credit cards with new credit cards is seldom wise.

03 November 2016.

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The best long-term loans made by banks and building societies are governed by a set of business practices intended to protect the best interests of lenders. These 'rules for lending' will not only determine whether a borrower is approved, but also how the transaction between borrower and lender is structured.

01 November 2016.

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Are you thinking about shopping for loans for home improvements? Are you planning to attack your renovations as a DIY project? If you answered 'yes' to both questions, make sure your home improvement project is well planned and executed. Otherwise, you could blow your budget by making some common DIY mistakes.

28 October 2016.

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A new trend of using home refinancing to generate future income is starting to make its way across the States. If it catches on here in the UK, we believe it will be necessary to encourage homeowners to be cautious. The piggy bank strategy will not necessarily yield what homeowners expect.

27 October 2016.

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Home improvement loans come in all shapes and sizes, so to speak. This suggests that not every loan advertised as the best deal on the market turns out to be the best for a given borrower. Consumers should compare loan details to determine which loan is right for them.

25 October 2016.

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