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A new study has revealed that one-in-eight self-employed individuals who apply for a first mortgage or second charge loan are rejected by their banks. There are different reasons for this depending on who you ask, but is there anyone who deserves most of the blame? It's hard to say.

21 October 2016.

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Obtaining a second charge mortgage on home equity results in the filing a lien. This lien is legal proof of the lender's financial interest in the property used as collateral. The second charge subsequently placed on the property puts the lender in line for repayment in the event of default.

20 October 2016.

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Creditors have a legal right to collect money from those indebted to them. They don't have the right to harass. Fortunately, the law establishes pretty clear guidance of what does and does not constitute creditor harassment. Furthermore, loans to consolidate debt can bring an end to debt collection efforts immediately.

18 October 2016.

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Debt consolidation can act like a financial ladder or a treadmill, depending on how it is used. Those who successfully emerge from overwhelming debt by consolidating enjoy the freedom that comes with. But those who continue spending end up walking the debt treadmill year after year, perhaps for a lifetime.

14 October 2016.

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Shopping for a mortgage will include a comparison of variable and fixed interest rates by default. But borrowers should also be paying attention to the myriad fees and charges lenders assess for the privilege of borrowing. They all combine to generate the total cost of borrowing when buying a house.

13 October 2016.

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As consumer debt in the UK continues to rise, there is concern that people may be borrowing just to pay their bills. Doing so is obviously not a wise thing to do. Fortunately, there are debt consolidation strategies available to help consumers solve their severe debt problems once and for all.

11 October 2016.

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Consumers should definitely compare secured loans before applying for anything. Using a comparison website, consumers can get very good estimates relating to the total cost of borrowing. On the other hand, failing to compare makes it almost impossible to ensure a borrower is getting the best possible secured loan deal.

07 October 2016.

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Changes to the stamp duty law put in place to slow down the buy-to-let market have done just that. But now we are learning those same changes are also harming homeowners and buyers who have nothing to do with investment properties. A good example is something now being called the 'love tax'.

06 October 2016.

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