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Commercial and residential property owners looking to remodel or expand often do so using property development loans to meet their financing needs. Fortunately, there is more than one way to finance commercial and residential property development. Borrowers have multiple options including traditional mortgages, bridge financing, secured loans, and even buy-to-let mortgages.

20 April 2017.

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A soft housing market combined with other factors to bring down the total number of mortgage approvals during the first quarter of 2017. Still, there is no need for concern at this point. People are still borrowing. They are just doing so a bit differently ?? with credit cards and secured loans.

18 April 2017.

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Debt consolidation loans are good tools for some borrowers but bad tools for others. That's why it is impossible to say that consolidating debts is good for everyone. Circumstances are different. However, those who do decide to consolidate their debts should ask themselves a few questions before applying for loans.

14 April 2017.

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There are certain principles that govern borrowing and lending. In the arena of home finance, it is imperative that borrowers possess at least a basic understanding of how things work in order to avoid making foolish decisions. A solid level of home finance literacy is a great thing to possess.

13 April 2017.

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Shadow banks in the UK are starting to make their presence known in the mortgage lending market by being more amicable to self-employed borrowers. In fact, securitisation is making loans for the self-employed easier to come by in recent months. Borrowing is easier than it was just a few years ago.

11 April 2017.

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People with bad credit often don't know they can secure loans despite their past histories. It's just a matter of understanding what bad credit really is, what kinds of loans are available, and which lenders are offering the best deals. Yes, you really can get a loan with bad credit.

07 April 2017.

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Mortgage products for the self-employed have traditionally been more difficult to get than similar products for company employees. But thanks to the willingness of banks and building societies now easing up on their restrictions, the self-employed are finding it easier than ever to get first mortgages, re-mortgages, and secured loans.

04 April 2017.

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Home equity is a valuable asset that needs to be protected as much as possible. According to a new report, though, that is not necessarily happening among British property owners. Ignorance of homeowner loans and interest rates is not only costing borrowers money, but it is harming their equity positions too.

31 March 2017.

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