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Secured loan interest rates should remain very good over the next 12 to 14 months thanks to the Bank of England's decision to not increase the base rate. Combined with rising property prices, the current environment is very favourable to homeowners who want to borrow via secured loans.

19 November 2015.

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Anyone with equity in a home can use that equity as a financing tool. This is done through the use of home-secured loans from various lenders. When equity is used as collateral, rising home prices are good because they make it possible to borrow more money against one's property.

17 November 2015.

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More mortgage brokers in the UK are now offering 2nd charge loans in addition to traditional mortgage products. They are doing so in response to a new set of regulations set to be implemented early in 2016. Non-compliant mortgage brokers face being reclassified as restricted advisor's if they continue as-is.

13 November 2015.

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A secured loan can provide much-needed money for home improvements. Secured loans are one of the most popular ways of financing home improvement projects because they are fairly easy to get with a modest amount of equity and a decent credit rating. Just learn everything you can before applying.

12 November 2015.

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Every day there are consumers looking to secure a loan against their properties without taking the time to think things through. This is a good way to get yourself into financial trouble. If you plan to borrow money against your property, follow our step-by-step process to do it right.

11 November 2015.

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Persistent credit card debt is something the City watchdog appears to be alarmed about. If there is a solution to the problem, it may be found in credit card debt consolidation. By consolidating credit cards into a single secured loan, consumers can pay off their debts and save money simultaneously.

06 November 2015.

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Low rate secured loans may seem a good deal, but not all of them are. Consumers need to be wary of the whole cost of borrowing when determining which secured loan offer is truly the best. Remember, the cost of borrowing is more than just the interest you pay.

05 November 2015.

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Home loan financing packages for first-time home buyers are on the rise for those in the 24-35 age group. According to ONS statistics, more than 40% of new financing for home purchases went to the coveted demographic in 2014. The market is not as bad as many think for younger buyers.

03 November 2015.

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