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If a recession were to hit the UK early next year, would you be able to continue making payments on your high-interest debt? If not, consolidating debts through a secured loan might be your best option. Consolidation can help you weather a recession and help you come out ahead.

30 October 2015.

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Taking out loans on property is one way to put the equity in your home to use. But be aware that there are different kinds of loans to choose from. Learn what each loan type offers along with its advantages and disadvantages. And before you borrow, seek out sound financial advice.

29 October 2015.

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Do you know the difference between a gap loan and a secured loan? A lot of people don't, leading to confusion over which kind of financing is better. It is to your advantage to understand both types of loans if you need financing capable of providing tens of thousands of pounds.

27 October 2015.

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Bad credit secured loans are not too difficult to obtain if a borrower has enough equity in his or her home. But traditional secured loans do not always offer consumers with bad credit attractive rates and terms. That may change, if the P2P sector decides to start aggressively pursuing secured loans for consumers.

23 October 2015.

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Secured loans for self-employed workers are a safe bet for lenders, despite the associated non-traditional employment status. Because collateral is involved, lenders are much more willing to offer secured loans to the self-employed than they are to grant first-time mortgages. But even that is changing ?? to the delight of many.

22 October 2015.

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Homeowners possess a powerful financing tool via the equity in their properties. Yet too few understand how equity loans work to improve one's financial position. If more did, there would probably be a significant increase in the amount of equity lending occurring in the UK. Equity loans offer fantastic opportunities.

20 October 2015.

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Consolidating loans are typically made by banks and building societies willing to loan based on the equity in one's home. But there is a new player in the emerging market of alternative financing, known as peer-to-peer lending. Could this new lending platform be the future of consolidating loans? It could be.

16 October 2015.

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It can be difficult to know when to refinance your home, or whether you should refinance at all. There are some excellent reasons for doing so, including eliminating high-interest debt and getting a better interest rate. If refinancing is right for you, now is a good time.

15 October 2015.

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