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Are you thinking of doing home improvements using the equity in your home? If so, you have two options: a home equity loan or equity release. The home equity loan is the preferred choice among most UK homeowners because of its many advantages. Learn the details of both before borrowing.

30 March 2017.

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UK homeowners are using refinance deals in order to improve their finances. Some use the money raised to pay off more expensive debt while others are simply looking to pay off an interest-only mortgage. Indeed, there are as many reasons for refinancing as there are lenders offering refinance deals.

28 March 2017.

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There is no shortage of debate over whether credit card debt consolidation is a good idea. Some say yes while others say no. The truth is actually somewhere in between. Credit card debt consolidation can be good under the right circumstances and with a good understanding of finances.

24 March 2017.

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Owning a home means being in a good financial position thanks to the equity ownership affords. As a homeowner, did you know that you can use your equity to increase the value of your property? You can, by using equity loans to make key improvements that future buyers are most interested in.

23 March 2017.

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Getting excessive indebtedness under control can be something difficult to think through when you are in the midst of a personal financial crisis. Sometimes a different perspective can help clear things up. For example, people looking to consolidate their debts can learn a lot from the ongoing financial crisis in Greece.

21 March 2017.

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It seems like more Britons than ever before are pursuing debt consolidation strategies. And for those consolidations, loans using home equity as collateral seem to be the most popular tool. But before a consumer borrows, he or she should ask some basic questions to determine whether doing so is smart.

17 March 2017.

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How people borrow in the mortgage market says a lot about our economy. Right now, long-term loans in the UK are more likely to be for renovations than first-time purchases, as property prices rise and current homeowners experience commensurate increases in equity. And the cycle goes on as expected.

16 March 2017.

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How many ways do you know of to use the cash raised from obtaining a second charge mortgage? If you are thinking second charge products can only be used for debt consolidation and modest home improvements, think again. There are many more strategic ways to take advantage of second charge borrowing.

14 March 2017.

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