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Getting a secured loan based on the equity in one's home is not exceptionally challenging for most homeowners. But some very definite strategies significantly increase the chances of being approved. Among these are choosing the right kind of loan, getting a credit report, and completing loan applications accurately.

13 October 2015.

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Record low interest rates continue to dominate the UK banking industry, leading homeowners to consider refinancing in order to save on interest. Refinancing is possible, even among those with bad credit. It is an option you might want to look at if you own a home with equity.

09 October 2015.

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The UK home loans market is not doing as well as the government would like. To find out why, the regulator will be conducting an in-depth review of this portion of the banking sector. It hopes to find out what works, what doesn't, and what can be done to improve the system.

08 October 2015.

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As home improvement financing has flourished, UK companies providing products and services aimed at the home improvement market are doing very well. So much so that one company, Habitat, is on the brink of rebound after going into administration years ago. Home improvements and the subsequent financing are big business.

06 October 2015.

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Knowing the difference between secured and unsecured loans is a necessary part of making wise borrowing decisions. One requires no collateral to borrow; the other requires the borrower to offer something as a guarantee of repayment. Secured loans are the better option, as many young people in America are discovering.

02 October 2015.

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Second charge lending continues to do well in the UK despite a lacklustre mortgage and remortgage market. Recently reported numbers say second charge lending has enjoyed year on year growth steadily since 2011. More homeowners are realising the benefits of this sort of lending to release equity in their properties.

01 October 2015.

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In Europe, a loan secured against property that ends up in default is not reported as a loss until that loss is actually incurred. New rules being proposed may change that. If those rules are adopted, they will change the way banks look at outstanding loans and future expected losses.

29 September 2015.

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Home repair loans are great to have available when you need them. However, being in need of such a loan just months after buying your first house is not a good position to be in. Unfortunately, lots of new homeowners have found themselves in that very situation this past summer.

25 September 2015.

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