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Despite the persistent myth that says consolidation loans are mainly for low-income earners, reality says otherwise. In fact, professionals in secure employment have taken on more consolidation loans worth more money over the last three to four years. Professionals are using the loans to pay down their indebtedness.

21 February 2017.

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Buy-to-let property owners are quickly approaching the day when they will no longer be able to deduct mortgage interest as a business expense. That has left many scrambling to try to save their businesses. Some are opting for a standard home loan to reduce the costs of being a landlord.

17 February 2017.

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When accommodating a disabled loved one through home improvements, loans are sometimes not enough to cover the cost. Thankfully, there are government grants available through local councils across the UK. Grants are different from one council to another, so property owners need to do their research.

10 February 2017.

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Statistics show that homeowner loans increase commensurate with property values. People tend to borrow more as the value of their homes goes up. But why? Well, an American researcher wanted to answer that question once and for all. He believes he did through a very careful analysis of relevant data.

09 February 2017.

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The second charge market has not done as well as lenders would have liked over the last ten years, but they have not put a lot of effort into pushing second charge products. Things are starting to change, though. The second charge market and secured loan may be coming of age.

06 February 2017.

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Long-term loans for people with poor credit are not as rare as you might think. Lenders are willing to overlook a certain amount of financial difficulty if a homeowner has enough equity to support borrowing. Therefore, people with bad credit should not be afraid to at least look around.

03 February 2017.

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Even though the main portion of the government's Help to Buy scheme expired on 31 December, first-time home buyers have other options for getting into a home even without a 25% deposit. The Help to Buy Equity Loan is one example. The loan is available to first-time buyers purchasing new builds.

02 February 2017.

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Second home mortgages can be a tricky thing in divorce scenarios involving one spouse keeping a current home while the other purchases something new. A number of different things have to be considered, including legal responsibilities, removing one spouse's name from a mortgage, and paying stamp duty on new property.

31 January 2017.

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