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Home improvement loans are linked to local property values according to recently released research. In areas where property values tend to be higher, people are more willing to make home improvements in the hope of adding value to their own properties. However, the property owner's choice of improvements affects future value.

27 January 2017.

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Recent numbers relating to consumer debt in the UK illustrate just how important interest rates are to paying down debt. Borrowers with significant high-interest debts can learn an important lesson from the numbers, that being how helpful debt consolidation loans can be for reducing the total cost of borrowing.

26 January 2017.

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Consolidation loans have been around for decades. Long the domain of banks and building societies, new players are changing the way these loans are being offered to retail consumers. That begs the question of what the future holds. Will banks continue to dominate the consolidation loan market in the future?

20 January 2017.

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Secured loans have been a popular financing tool ever since they were introduced decades ago. Unfortunately, a lot of people don't know how secured loans work. It's truly a shame. The more you know about secured loans, the more you understand how beneficial they can be for financing expensive needs.

19 January 2017.

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Consumers all over the UK will be looking at debt consolidation in 2017. Debt consolidation is part of a broader strategy to eliminate debt and to get one's financial house in order. Combined with other strategies, a debt consolidation loan can go a long way toward improving a consumer's financial outlook.

17 January 2017.

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Improvements are part of owning property. For many of us, getting a loan for home improvement is the only way we can afford costly repairs and upgrades. Fortunately, there is no shortage of attractive secured loans on offer from banks and building societies. It's a matter of applying and getting approved.

13 January 2017.

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Data from a recent Key Retirement report shows that Britons are borrowing on equity release programmes in ever-increasing volumes. Banks and building societies are eager to lend as will. That means good things for property owners who want to use the equity in their homes as a financing tool.

12 January 2017.

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Consumers planning to borrow for mortgages or secured loans need to take the time to compare loan offers. There are too many loan deals out there to simply take the first one that comes along. Those who put the time into comparing are the same consumers to get the best deals.

10 January 2017.

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