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Home improvements have been part of life for as long as humans have been living in homes. Today, homeowners use bank loans to finance everything from new kitchens to loft conversions. Indeed, a cheap home improvement loan enables you to make your home exactly what you want it to be.

06 January 2017.

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It is an interesting exercise to keep track of loan offers available to retail customers. For example, the best loans for debt consolidation change frequently enough that different lenders may have the edge over the competition at different times. Why? Because of all the different things that influence retail lending.

05 January 2017.

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All over the UK, there are home buyers looking for the best home loans they can find. Unfortunately, many of them are confused by the sheer number of choices. The key is to do a little bit of research to familiarise yourself with the mortgage lending process before shopping around.

03 January 2017.

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It was natural to assume the housing crunch and tougher credit requirements would have a negative effect on the mortgage lending industry. However, that hasn't been the case. In fact, the housing crunch has produced some of the best secured loans that are only adding to the strength of mortgage lending.

30 December 2016.

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A short-term secured loan can be used to meet financing needs by offering the equity in your property as security. Retail borrowers should know that there are two options for short-term financing: bridging loans and standard secured loans. Both should be considered in relation to the borrower's needs and resources.

29 December 2016.

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The typical payday loan is not intended to be a long-term loan with gradually increasing interest and late payment penalties. Consumers who use these loans without due caution can easily find themselves in a terrible financial position. That's why personal loans are considered a better way to meet financing needs.

23 December 2016.

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The annual Christmas shopping season is also a season of indebtedness for a lot of people. And every year, a certain segment of Christmas shoppers finds themselves overextended. Taking out a loan for debt consolidation may be the only way some of them manage to pay off their debts completely.

22 December 2016.

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Property owners with sufficient equity can use that equity as a financing tool. There are two ways to do so: a house equity loan and equity release. Suffice to say that the two options are not the same. One involves the sale of the property while the other does not.

20 December 2016.

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