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There is a lot to know and understand about home refinancing before agreeing to borrow. Still, that doesn't seem to be stopping UK homeowners who are currently refinancing at a faster rate than ever before. If you're thinking of refinancing yourself, slow down and ask yourself some important questions first.

16 December 2016.

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The mortgage industry continues to hold steady despite several months of declining sales of new and existing homes. Keeping our building societies and banks afloat is a surging remortgage market among homeowners looking for better deals. Mortgage refinancing is essentially making up for the ongoing decline in new mortgage business.

15 December 2016.

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Equity in a property is a very powerful tool for financing home improvements. When a property owner takes out a home improvement loan, he or she's essentially using the money already put into the property in order to make that property better. But some home improvements are not worth financing.

13 December 2016.

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Debt consolidations are as common in the UK as they have ever been. Unfortunately, some firms offering debt consolidation services are not always in compliance with the rules governing what they do. In light of that, the FCA has been sending out warning letters prior to taking necessary enforcement action.

09 December 2016.

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Cheap, long-term loans are available to consumers with good credit and verifiable income. What many consumers don't know is that loans are not necessarily good deals just because they are cheap. A cheap loan may actually end up costing a borrower more in the long run through interest and fees.

08 December 2016.

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Being self-employed does have its advantages. It also has its disadvantages, though, as evidenced by the difficulty sole traders and independent contractors have getting loans for mortgages and other needs. Loans for the self-employed require extra documentation to verify sustainable income. Accountant certificates are often required to apply for a mortgage.

06 December 2016.

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The market for secured homeowner loans has been heating up since the spring (2016), according to data provided by numerous lenders. Experts say implementation of the MCD is at least partly responsible for stimulating the market. The MCD is empowering property owners to borrow by helping them better understand the process.

02 December 2016.

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The Bank of England's most recent credit stability report shows that consumers are borrowing more via unsecured credit than ever before. This is hampering the ability of some to get a standard house loan in the UK. Until consumers learn to borrow less, getting a mortgage will be challenging.

01 December 2016.

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