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Where housing prices and home finances go in the next five years remains to be seen. There's still plenty of uncertainty due to Brexit and the potential for future regulation. Hopefully, things will improve for both buyers and sellers once the split with the EU is finalised. Time will certainly tell.

29 November 2016.

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Secured loans for debt consolidation are just one way to get overwhelming debt under control. But such loans are not for the ignorant. Consumers need to make every effort to understand borrowing before they take out loans. They need to pay special attention to the relationship between interest and principal.

25 November 2016.

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Applying for a homeowner loan in the UK means filling out a lot of paperwork. The paperwork exists for legitimate reasons. Banks and building societies use the information provided by borrowers to determine the affordability of the loan being sought. Lenders look at four key areas before making a decision.

24 November 2016.

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If you are thinking about a home equity loan in 2017, it could be a good year for borrowing. Equity loan rates and deals could be very good if everything lines up just right over the next few months. If not, equity borrowing still may be a good deal.

22 November 2016.

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Countless numbers of UK property owners take advantage of refinancing every year. Some of them do just fine while others struggle because of their decision to refinance. On a larger scale, Manchester United is having its own refinancing struggle. Property owners can learn valuable lessons from it.

18 November 2016.

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Landlords looking to expand their portfolios have used the mortgage refinance tool to do so for years. That tool will become more difficult to use in the future thanks to new rules that go into effect on 30th September 2017. The rules could further constrict the buy-to-let market as a result.

17 November 2016.

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With the consolidation of debts becoming important to more Britons, it's equally important that borrowers understand the best and most effective way to solve their financial problems. Part of the process is prioritising. By putting the right priorities in place, borrowers can pay off their debts and regain financial control.

15 November 2016.

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Obtaining a 2nd charge mortgage today is more difficult than it was prior to the implementation of new rules under the Mortgage Credit Directive. The directive went into effect on 20th March 2016. All new 2nd charge products are subject to its limitations and restrictions, which may make borrowing more difficult.

11 November 2016.

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