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Britons are taking out debt consolidation loans more often than we've seen in the last five years. Experts say that low interest rates have a lot to do with it. Consumers are taking advantage of those rates to pay off high-interest debt that could otherwise jeopardise their financial futures.

02 March 2017.

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Despite the persistent myth that says consolidation loans are mainly for low-income earners, reality says otherwise. In fact, professionals in secure employment have taken on more consolidation loans worth more money over the last three to four years. Professionals are using the loans to pay down their indebtedness.

21 February 2017.

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Recent numbers relating to consumer debt in the UK illustrate just how important interest rates are to paying down debt. Borrowers with significant high-interest debts can learn an important lesson from the numbers, that being how helpful debt consolidation loans can be for reducing the total cost of borrowing.

26 January 2017.

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Consolidation loans have been around for decades. Long the domain of banks and building societies, new players are changing the way these loans are being offered to retail consumers. That begs the question of what the future holds. Will banks continue to dominate the consolidation loan market in the future?

20 January 2017.

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Consumers all over the UK will be looking at debt consolidation in 2017. Debt consolidation is part of a broader strategy to eliminate debt and to get one's financial house in order. Combined with other strategies, a debt consolidation loan can go a long way toward improving a consumer's financial outlook.

17 January 2017.

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It is an interesting exercise to keep track of loan offers available to retail customers. For example, the best loans for debt consolidation change frequently enough that different lenders may have the edge over the competition at different times. Why? Because of all the different things that influence retail lending.

05 January 2017.

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The annual Christmas shopping season is also a season of indebtedness for a lot of people. And every year, a certain segment of Christmas shoppers finds themselves overextended. Taking out a loan for debt consolidation may be the only way some of them manage to pay off their debts completely.

22 December 2016.

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Debt consolidations are as common in the UK as they have ever been. Unfortunately, some firms offering debt consolidation services are not always in compliance with the rules governing what they do. In light of that, the FCA has been sending out warning letters prior to taking necessary enforcement action.

09 December 2016.

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