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Secured loans for debt consolidation are just one way to get overwhelming debt under control. But such loans are not for the ignorant. Consumers need to make every effort to understand borrowing before they take out loans. They need to pay special attention to the relationship between interest and principal.

25 November 2016.

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With the consolidation of debts becoming important to more Britons, it's equally important that borrowers understand the best and most effective way to solve their financial problems. Part of the process is prioritising. By putting the right priorities in place, borrowers can pay off their debts and regain financial control.

15 November 2016.

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Debt consolidation is the number one reason for getting unsecured loans, according to new research. Nearly half of all unsecured loan applicants use their cash to consolidate other debts into a single, monthly payment. Interestingly, the same does not hold true for secured loans; these are usually dedicated to home improvement.

08 November 2016.

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Overwhelming credit card debt is a real problem. When it comes to consolidating that debt, one of the worst things a consumer can do is seek out a 0% balance transfer credit card without fully understanding the implications. Paying off existing credit cards with new credit cards is seldom wise.

03 November 2016.

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Creditors have a legal right to collect money from those indebted to them. They don't have the right to harass. Fortunately, the law establishes pretty clear guidance of what does and does not constitute creditor harassment. Furthermore, loans to consolidate debt can bring an end to debt collection efforts immediately.

18 October 2016.

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Debt consolidation can act like a financial ladder or a treadmill, depending on how it is used. Those who successfully emerge from overwhelming debt by consolidating enjoy the freedom that comes with. But those who continue spending end up walking the debt treadmill year after year, perhaps for a lifetime.

14 October 2016.

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As consumer debt in the UK continues to rise, there is concern that people may be borrowing just to pay their bills. Doing so is obviously not a wise thing to do. Fortunately, there are debt consolidation strategies available to help consumers solve their severe debt problems once and for all.

11 October 2016.

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A debt consolidation loan can be very helpful for paying off high-interest credit card debt and getting one's financial house back in order. To make it work, though, the borrower must avoid the trap of continuing to spend on credit after debts have been consolidated. Spending must be curtailed.

30 September 2016.

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