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Accruing debt during the summer holiday season is not all that unusual. And now that autumn is almost here, Britons who have accumulated too much holiday debt are looking for ways to get it paid off as quickly as possible. Debt consolidation loans and balance transfer cards are two options.

18 September 2016.

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Obtaining a debt consolidation loan is one way to pay off your debts more cheaply and with a guaranteed end date. Still, such loans need to be approached with caution. The Money Advice Service offers some very helpful information for those considering debt consolidation, freely available on their website.

23 August 2016.

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A consolidating loan can help you improve your financial situation and increase your credit score by eliminating high-interest debt that is dragging you down. With a higher credit score, you will be in a better position to borrow should you decide to buy a car, invest in a home, etc.

29 July 2016.

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People use consolidating loans to pay off high-interest debt and relieve financial stress. Debt can be consolidated with personal loans or with secured loans based on the equity in one's property. In either case, there are certain secrets to consolidating debt successfully. Learn them before you borrow for debt consolidation.

28 July 2016.

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Debt consolidators are in the business of helping consumers settle their debts by consolidating everything into a single payment that is more affordable and easily managed. But there are other options for retiring debt. It is wise to look at all of them before making any kind of debt relief decision.

21 June 2016.

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When businesses try to manage debt by stacking loans on top of one another, they are practising the commercial equivalent of taking out multiple payday loans. According to news reports, the practice of stacking has become serious enough that it threatens the online banking industry. Something needs to be done.

16 June 2016.

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Secured loans are often used for debt consolidation purposes, and rightly so. They are excellent tools for this sort of thing. However, consumers can find themselves worse off if they do not control their spending after having obtained a debt consolidation loan. Not controlling spending just makes the situation worse.

07 June 2016.

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Being swallowed up by debt is never an enjoyable experience. But getting out of debt can also be stressful if one does not make wise decisions. To that end, consumers need to think long and hard about debt consolidations, loans, and debt management programmes. An honest evaluation is a must.

10 May 2016.

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