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Debt consolidation loans are useful tools for getting indebtedness under control. When the loans are combined with strategies aimed at controlling spending, their value is maximised in both financial and personal terms. Suffice to say that debt consolidation can be part of a larger strategy to eliminate debt and remain debt-free.

29 April 2016.

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Debt management companies offering free government advice for debt consolidation are misleading customers. Free advice comes only from recognised organisations such as the Step Change charity. As for debt consolidation loans, these are never free. Consumers looking to consolidate debts through loans will have to pay for those loans through interest charges.

28 April 2016.

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Britons are now more in debt than they ever have been before. Thankfully, there are good financial tools available to help consumers get debt under control. One of them is the secured debt consolidation loan. Using one of these loans wisely could make the difference in a person's financial situation.

22 April 2016.

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A debt consolidation loan is a popular product among consumers looking to retire high-interest debt that might be strangling their budgets. But what can people do to prevent debt from becoming a problem to begin with? Perhaps marriage is one option, according to a fascinating study published in 2013.

14 April 2016.

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Mortgage brokers seem more willing than ever to offer second-charge products, including debt consolidation secured loans. This is no accident. Their new found enthusiasm is a direct result of new rules implemented by the Financial Conduct Authority linking broker independence to their willingness to offer customers second-charge products.

08 April 2016.

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Consumers trying to pay off a large volume of high-interest debt can find themselves struggling just to keep up with interest payments. Before letting things get so serious that indebtedness becomes overwhelming, consumers should consider debt consolidation loans as a means of getting their financial houses back in order.

18 March 2016.

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Using debt consolidation loans to pay off high-interest credit cards is a very good strategy a lot of people employ. Loans are affordable and easier to get than personal loans for those who have equity to use as collateral. If not, there is another option: embarking on a super couponing strategy.

15 March 2016.

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Do you have a lot of high-interest debt strangling your budget? If so, a debt consolidation loan may be the answer to your problems. Settling high-interest debt is just one of several reasons the Money Advice Service suggests that debt consolidation loans are a good option for some consumers.

10 March 2016.

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