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Debt consolidation by way of secured loans is an excellent way for consumers to improve both their short- and long-term financial positions. By consolidating high-interest debts into a single, more affordable loan, consumers save money, get a better handle on their monthly budgets, and eventually settle their debts entirely.

19 February 2016.

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Plenty of UK consumers are facing serious financial troubles because they have got in way over their heads with credit cards and other unsecured credit. Debt consolidation loans are one tool that can be immensely helpful. Unfortunately, many people do not know how to get a debt consolidation loan ?? so they don't.

12 February 2016.

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Household indebtedness is on the rise at an alarming rate. So much so that an increase in the base rate could be devastating for millions already struggling to make ends meet. One way of averting risk is to get your debt under control now with a bad debt consolidation loan.

04 February 2016.

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Consumer credit continues to grow in the UK, leading economists and Bank of England officials to paint a very good picture of the economy. But that picture might not be as positive as it seems when you take a good look at mortgage lending, debt consolidation loans, and credit cards.

18 December 2015.

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Consolidating loans are typically made by banks and building societies willing to loan based on the equity in one's home. But there is a new player in the emerging market of alternative financing, known as peer-to-peer lending. Could this new lending platform be the future of consolidating loans? It could be.

16 October 2015.

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UK consumers appear to be consolidating debt more often while managing repayments better than they have in the past, leading to an increase in consumer confidence across the board. New data from Lloyds Bank paints a very encouraging picture for both personal debt management and the economy as a whole.

24 August 2015.

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A very interesting court case recently settled by an upper tribunal has made it clear that debt consolidation loans, and other forms of secured credit as well, do not necessarily qualify for a child-support variation based on Regulation 12(5). The ruling may change the way debts are repaid after a divorce proceeding.

21 August 2015.

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