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Homeowners in need of large amounts of cash have numerous options, including home equity loans and pension withdrawals. Knowing the best option in any situation is a matter of looking at hard numbers in calculating costs. It is not hard to do if you know how to do the maths.

20 May 2016.

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Next month's (June 2016) vote determining whether the UK will remain part of the EU will impact financial markets no matter how it turns out. From mortgages to equity loans, banks and building societies will have to re-evaluate their products in light of how we will continue doing business in Europe.

13 May 2016.

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When small businesses need to raise cash, they can either go to a traditional bank or utilise what is known as equity finance. Likewise, individual consumers can use equity finance to raise tens of thousands of pounds. But equity finance for the consumer is different than that utilised by commercial enterprises.

26 April 2016.

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Mortgages in the UK usually come with repayment terms of 20, 25, or 35 years. Recent data suggests more new buyers are choosing the 35-year option in order to take advantage of lower monthly repayments. But these longer mortgages do not come without a cost. They impact equity and home loans.

28 January 2016.

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Pensioners in need of extra income in retirement are turning to equity loans and release schemes more frequently than ever before. In fact, the amount of money borrowed through these kinds of loans has now reached record numbers. Some are concerned this does not bode well for the UK's pensioners.

14 January 2016.

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Property owners can use the equity in their homes to obtain two kinds of financing. They can get standard home equity loans, or they can establish a home equity line of credit. Caution should be exercised with the latter option as home equity lines of credit can become a financial trap.

08 January 2016.

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Prime Minister Cameron's announcement that the shared ownership programme for new home buyers would be expanded beginning in 2016 has been met with a positive response from housing advocates and economic experts alike. We believe the expansion of the scheme could also be beneficial to home equity financing as well.

15 December 2015.

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Homeowners possess a powerful financing tool via the equity in their properties. Yet too few understand how equity loans work to improve one's financial position. If more did, there would probably be a significant increase in the amount of equity lending occurring in the UK. Equity loans offer fantastic opportunities.

20 October 2015.

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