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Home improvement finance has turned the tables on debt consolidation in terms of how people are spending the money they get from second charge loans. As a percentage, the number of individuals financing home improvements has nearly doubled in the last two years while debt consolidation borrowing has been halved.

08 September 2016.

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The Bank of England??s decision to lower the base rate is monumental. It is especially important for property owners who have been waiting for low home improvement loan rates to take care of much-needed renovations. Now is a good time to borrow, before the base rate starts going up again.

26 August 2016.

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There are times when renovations seem a better idea than selling your current home and buying something new. Periods of economic uncertainty are a good example. People are now more inclined to stay put and renovate in light of the economic uncertainty associated with Brexit, which is entirely reasonable.

16 August 2016.

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If you are among the growing number of people looking to make major home improvements, loan officers are ready to make financing available. Since the Brexit vote, more people are saying they will stay put in their current homes and make renovations rather than trying to sell up and move.

05 August 2016.

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The Government's Green Deal programme meant to offer cheap home improvement loans to UK property owners has apparently fallen flat. A new report from the Commons Public Accounts Committee says the Government spent some £240 million on 14,000 loans that cost taxpayers £17,000 apiece, casting serious doubts on competence.

22 July 2016.

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The best home improvement loans on the market are those that allow homeowners to borrow what they need without putting them in a financial bind. Identifying the best loan requires shopping around and comparing. When you know what to look for, you can find the loan that's right for you.

14 July 2016.

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The standard home improvement loan makes it possible to borrow tens of thousands of pounds to renovate your property. Some loans are structured so that you can repay them early without incurring any substantial penalties. These are good loans to have. Why? Because early repayment saves money by reducing interest.

07 April 2016.

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If you need home improvements, loans are your best option for financing. Whatever you do, don't stretch your budget to the limit. Doing so could put you in a tough position that might prompt you to do something you otherwise would not, like a Derbyshire woman who stole from her employer.

05 April 2016.

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