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If you had to choose between home improvements or moving up the property ladder, which would you choose? If data recently released by GE Capital is correct, more homeowners are choosing the former. Affordable home improvement loans are making it easier to stay put rather than upgrading to new property.

22 March 2016.

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If you own property with a substantial amount of equity, you could get the cash you need to make improvements by applying for a secured home improvement loan. These kinds of loans are very attractive for renovations because they are affordable and relatively easy to get for most property owners.

08 March 2016.

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Severe winter weather has caused extensive damage to properties all across the UK. As a result, we expect to see a run on home improvement loans as property owners seek to repair and rebuild. If you are planning to borrow, consider repairing your home and fortifying it for next winter.

04 March 2016.

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Applying for a home renovation loan and being turned down is certainly a disappointing experience. Unfortunately, things happen. Borrowers may not have enough equity, credit histories may be dodgy, or lenders may simply run out of funding for the time being. One thing is for sure: renovation loans are never guaranteed.

09 February 2016.

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Imagine getting a home improvement loan and putting in months of hard work only to discover that the improvements you made detracted from the value of your property. It happens more often than you might realise. Knowing what kinds of home improvements people want is the key to a successful project.

29 January 2016.

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Boxing Day shoppers were in a very good mood about home improvements. Retailers saw significant jumps in traffic between December 25 and 26 (2015), setting new records and continuing the trend of a very strong holiday shopping season. If you are looking to do home improvements, consider financing them with a secured loan.

31 December 2015.

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Secured loans are very popular among those homeowners with bad credit because they are easier to get than unsecured loans. That does not mean a secured loan for home improvements is in your best interests right now. There are lots of things to consider, including your budget and your reasons for renovating.

22 December 2015.

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DIY home improvements are a normal part of home ownership. Likewise, coming up with the money for home improvement projects is a standard part of the planning process. But planning does not end there. And if you don't plan well, you could end up hiring a contractor to finish your work.

17 December 2015.

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