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There are a lot of reasons people decide to take on major home improvement projects. Some are living in run-down homes that legitimately need the work while others renovate for aesthetic purposes. Still others need more space and would rather renovate than upgrade to a larger and more expensive home. More often than not, these large-scale home improvements…

04 December 2015.

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A secured loan can provide much-needed money for home improvements. Secured loans are one of the most popular ways of financing home improvement projects because they are fairly easy to get with a modest amount of equity and a decent credit rating. Just learn everything you can before applying.

12 November 2015.

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As home improvement financing has flourished, UK companies providing products and services aimed at the home improvement market are doing very well. So much so that one company, Habitat, is on the brink of rebound after going into administration years ago. Home improvements and the subsequent financing are big business.

06 October 2015.

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In an era of global austerity, it has become almost impossible to find local authorities willing to provide grants and low-cost loans for home improvements. Thank goodness that banks and building societies offer very affordable house improvement loans to property owners. Such loans make home improvements possible for property owners.

10 September 2015.

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Taking out a loan for home improvements could mean a first or second charge on your property if you use equity as collateral. These charges give lenders a stake in your home until the debt is paid off. The order of charges determines how debts are repaid in the event of default.

01 September 2015.

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The average homeowner knows he or she needs to keep up with home improvements if they want to ensure the value of their property remains as high as possible. Unfortunately, cash flow can present serious obstacles. Thankfully, there are home improvement loans that can be obtained fairly quickly and easily.

19 August 2015.

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