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Consumers planning to borrow for mortgages or secured loans need to take the time to compare loan offers. There are too many loan deals out there to simply take the first one that comes along. Those who put the time into comparing are the same consumers to get the best deals.

10 January 2017.

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All over the UK, there are home buyers looking for the best home loans they can find. Unfortunately, many of them are confused by the sheer number of choices. The key is to do a little bit of research to familiarise yourself with the mortgage lending process before shopping around.

03 January 2017.

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The market for secured homeowner loans has been heating up since the spring (2016), according to data provided by numerous lenders. Experts say implementation of the MCD is at least partly responsible for stimulating the market. The MCD is empowering property owners to borrow by helping them better understand the process.

02 December 2016.

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The Bank of England's most recent credit stability report shows that consumers are borrowing more via unsecured credit than ever before. This is hampering the ability of some to get a standard house loan in the UK. Until consumers learn to borrow less, getting a mortgage will be challenging.

01 December 2016.

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Where housing prices and home finances go in the next five years remains to be seen. There's still plenty of uncertainty due to Brexit and the potential for future regulation. Hopefully, things will improve for both buyers and sellers once the split with the EU is finalised. Time will certainly tell.

29 November 2016.

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Applying for a homeowner loan in the UK means filling out a lot of paperwork. The paperwork exists for legitimate reasons. Banks and building societies use the information provided by borrowers to determine the affordability of the loan being sought. Lenders look at four key areas before making a decision.

24 November 2016.

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Shopping for a mortgage will include a comparison of variable and fixed interest rates by default. But borrowers should also be paying attention to the myriad fees and charges lenders assess for the privilege of borrowing. They all combine to generate the total cost of borrowing when buying a house.

13 October 2016.

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UK homeowners are among some of the happiest in all of Europe, according to a recent Daily Mail report. There could be a number of reasons behind this, including the availability of affordable homeownersâ?? loans that help property owners renovate so they don't have to keep moving up the property ladder.

04 October 2016.

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