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Consumers hoping to borrow tens of thousands of pounds for a major expenditure have a number of borrowing options, including secured homeownersâ?? loans and revolving lines of credit. Knowing the difference between each of the options is a given for any consumer who wants to make a smart financial decision.

02 September 2016.

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Can home owners loan to others at a profit? Yes, they can. Furthermore, a recent survey from Legal & General shows that more people are entertaining the idea of loaning money to younger borrowers so they don't have to get commercial mortgages. The good returns aren't hurting lender prospects either.

01 September 2016.

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When the Bank of England cut the base rate early in August (2016), we assumed banks and building societies would cut their rates for home loans. Some did, but not all. Lenders are under no obligation to adjust their rates up or down based on what the Bank of England does.

30 August 2016.

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Would you be surprised to know that there is a measurable relationship between getting a university education and obtaining a house loan? If so, you might be surprised by what that relationship actually is. It turns out that people with university degrees have a harder time getting mortgages than those without.

02 August 2016.

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UK mortgages and secured loans for homeowners are now advertised with APRCs rather than APRs. This is good in that the APRC gives borrowers additional information they did not previously have access to without specifically asking for it. More knowledge equals more power when borrowing large sums of money.

21 July 2016.

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The standard house loan looks to get more attractive in the coming months as banks and building societies drop rates in open competition for customers. If you are planning to borrow in the near future, you could be in for some very good deals. And it's all due to Brexit.

19 July 2016.

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Home loan refinancing is one way to get out from under overwhelming debt that is strangling your budget. Home refinancing does come with its own challenges, so it's not the right way to go for everyone. Settling problem debt is an individual matter that requires an individual solution based on circumstances.

28 June 2016.

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As a property owner, you have access to an incredible financing tool via the equity you have built. That equity can be used as leverage to take out a secured homeowner loan worth tens of thousands of pounds. Imagine what you could do with that kind of money!

14 June 2016.

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