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Property owners looking to complete expensive home renovations have a number of options for financing. The homeowner loan is easily the most popular choice, with its attractive interest rates and easy application process. But borrowers need to ask some important questions before they make the decision to get a loan.

09 June 2016.

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As a homeowner, you own a tangible piece of property that could become an important part of your income in retirement. To make it work, though, you have to plan for home finance the same way you are already planning your pension income and other retirement investments.

03 June 2016.

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There are some good homeowner loans to be had by consumers who shop around. When they do shop, they need to remember that cheap does not necessarily mean good. Some of the cheapest loans on the market are not so cheap when you add in interest, fees and charges.

24 May 2016.

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If you had the choice of getting your debt under control before retiring or carrying that debt into your pensioner years, which would you choose? Those who choose the former have quite a few tools available to them, including secured home loans that can be used to retire high-interest debt.

21 April 2016.

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Increasing property prices over the last several years has hurt the home loan sector. Lenders may be in for some good news, though, if economists from Halifax are correct. They are predicting a softening of the housing market as a result of the EU vote. That would be good for lending.

12 April 2016.

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Traditional homeowner loans for renovation and remodelling are made in the form of secured loans based on equity. But there could be a new player emerging thanks to a deal between two US-based companies. If their three-year deal proves successful, we could see similar loans make their way to the UK.

01 April 2016.

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People think nothing of comparing car insurance or smartphone plans to make sure they are getting the best deal. So why not utilise the same strategy for secured lending? If you are planning to apply for a home equity loan, there are plenty of great reasons to compare before you borrow.

03 March 2016.

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An improving market means good things for consumers looking to borrow from mortgages and secured loans. The supply of money is ample, interest rates continue to remain low, and banks and building societies are more willing than ever to make loans. Now is a good time for secured loans for homeowners.

01 March 2016.

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