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Despite its popularity in the commercial sector, peer-to-peer lending has been slow to enter the retail market. That may be about to change. There are now far more competitors in the commercial space, prompting some in the P2P industry to start looking at the retail market. This includes secured homeowner loans.

23 February 2016.

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Consumers who make an effort to compare home loans before applying are more likely to get the best deals. Comparing involves taking a look at loan product details in order to determine the best value for money. Thankfully, loan comparisons are easy to do when you know what you're looking for.

18 February 2016.

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Britons are facing larger debt loads that could prevent them from retiring their debts much before their late 60s. A big part of the problem is rising property prices requiring larger mortgages. Homeowners loans are larger than they have been for a while, making them harder to pay off.

05 February 2016.

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New regulations and fees are scheduled to be implemented this year within the home loan industry. Most affected will be loan brokers, but borrowers will also see some impact from the changes. Consumers expecting to apply for first mortgages, second mortgages, and secured loans are advised to educate themselves accordingly.

22 January 2016.

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Both equity release and secured loans are excellent tools consumers are using to make home and garden improvements. If you've been thinking of doing so, be sure to conduct an equity release and home loans comparison first. Such a comparison is necessary to ensure you get the best deal possible.

08 December 2015.

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Loans for homeowners remain attractive thanks to persistently low interest rates and very good terms. Could they be negatively affected by Chancellor George Osborne's autumn statement? That depends on who's borrowing. Things look very good for first-time buyers but not so good for property investors purchasing homes with cash.

01 December 2015.

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Britons have enjoyed great home loan deals ever since the base rate fell to 0.5% nearly seven years ago. But how long will this last? More importantly, are current homeowners in a strong enough position to weather the storm that will inevitably rise when the base rate goes up?

24 November 2015.

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Anyone with equity in a home can use that equity as a financing tool. This is done through the use of home-secured loans from various lenders. When equity is used as collateral, rising home prices are good because they make it possible to borrow more money against one's property.

17 November 2015.

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