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The UK saw a rush on second mortgages and other second charge products in the 12 months ending this past February (2016). Experts say pending changes to borrowing rules encouraged the borrowing spree. Now, however, the second charge market could level off until we see the results of the changes.

15 April 2016.

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Second charge lenders closed out 2015 on a relatively high note. Despite a slight dip in lending in November, the amount of second charge financing increased by double-digits last year, prompting a rather favourable outlook for 2016. This could be a very big year for both lenders and borrowers alike.

02 February 2016.

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More mortgage brokers in the UK are now offering 2nd charge loans in addition to traditional mortgage products. They are doing so in response to a new set of regulations set to be implemented early in 2016. Non-compliant mortgage brokers face being reclassified as restricted advisor's if they continue as-is.

13 November 2015.

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Second charge lending continues to do well in the UK despite a lacklustre mortgage and remortgage market. Recently reported numbers say second charge lending has enjoyed year on year growth steadily since 2011. More homeowners are realising the benefits of this sort of lending to release equity in their properties.

01 October 2015.

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