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Housing is a supply and demand market that fluctuates over time. It is also one that is prone to many outside influences. If a new report from Deutsche Bank is correct, the 2nd mortgage market could be among a number of influences responsible for another housing crash in the near future.

24 June 2016.

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The average buy-to-let investor purchasing his/her first property will utilise a second home mortgage or a specialist buy-to-let mortgage. But with recent rule changes, investing in property may not be as profitable as it once was. Thankfully, there is an alternative to traditional property investing by way of peer-to-peer lending.

19 April 2016.

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If you own a home with equity, you may be able to use that equity to secure a second mortgage. Second mortgages are preferable to remortgaging in some cases, especially among the self-employed or those with poor credit histories. You should look into second mortgages if you need to borrow.

13 January 2016.

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