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Today's university students are graduating with alarmingly high levels of debt. So much so that more than half of 2015 graduates have said that the degree they received was not worth the indebtedness they now face. More than half are forced to live with parents because they cannot support themselves.

19 August 2016.

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Despite the Brexit vote, the financial sector has not collapsed under the weight of uncertainty. Nowhere is this clearer than in the retail banking sector, which is seeing an attitude of upbeat confidence among consumers looking to borrow. Mortgages and unsecured loans are business as usual according to the experts.

07 July 2016.

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Peer-to-peer lending is gaining market share and influence as more platforms are rising to meet the needs of the retail market. A new start-up just getting under way in the UK is the latest example. Should this start-up succeed, it may be a good source of secured personal loans.

01 July 2016.

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Borrowing money when you have credit problems is not necessarily the easiest thing to do. The good news is that people with poor credit can still secure loans by using the equity in their properties as collateral. This kind of secured funding is easier to acquire and offers better rates.

31 May 2016.

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Securing loan approval on a personal or secured loan should not be hard if you understand how the loan process works. If you know nothing about it, it might be wise to research consumer lending before you start applying for loans. There is no need to otherwise cause trouble for yourself.

03 May 2016.

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Consumers who unsuccessfully apply for secured loans with banks and building societies do have another option in peer-to-peer lending. Although peer-to-peer lending is no threat to traditional lending in terms of volume, industry platforms are doing very well for themselves. Would they continue to do well in an economic downturn?

31 March 2016.

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When a secured loan lender goes out of business, it tends to cause people to wonder about the state of the secured market. Such is the case with the closing of Nemo, a subsidiary of Wales-based Principality Building Society. Nemo's fate is not indicative of a poor market, though.

16 February 2016.

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Lending institutions offer a variety of consumer loans, including both personal and secured loan products. When they mix terms, like 'personal secured loans', for example, consumers get confused. This is why it is so important to take the time to know what you are looking at before applying for a loan.

26 January 2016.

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