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People with bad credit often don't know they can secure loans despite their past histories. It's just a matter of understanding what bad credit really is, what kinds of loans are available, and which lenders are offering the best deals. Yes, you really can get a loan with bad credit.

07 April 2017.

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Having bad credit can hinder your ability to borrow. However, bad credit does not necessarily need to prevent borrowing for the rest of your life. You can secure loan approval even with credit that is not the best it can be, then use the loan as a starting point for credit repair.

10 March 2017.

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Having adverse credit is never a good thing. But do you know what it is? And if so, do you know how adverse credit can affect your situation? It pays to learn about adverse credit and secured loans if you are planning to use the equity in your property to borrow.

25 February 2016.

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It is entirely possible to obtain equity finance using your home even if you have bad credit. In fact, some people do so based on a strategy of using such financing to repair their credit. Equity finance utilises your equity as collateral, making banks more willing to lend when others will not.

20 November 2015.

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Bad credit secured loans are not too difficult to obtain if a borrower has enough equity in his or her home. But traditional secured loans do not always offer consumers with bad credit attractive rates and terms. That may change, if the P2P sector decides to start aggressively pursuing secured loans for consumers.

23 October 2015.

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Record low interest rates continue to dominate the UK banking industry, leading homeowners to consider refinancing in order to save on interest. Refinancing is possible, even among those with bad credit. It is an option you might want to look at if you own a home with equity.

09 October 2015.

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Bad credit finance options for consumers are necessarily limited. The best choice for most consumers is a secured loan that uses the equity in one's home as collateral to borrow. Short-term payday loans are another option, but these are risky and not really worth it for people with bad credit.

28 August 2015.

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Secured loans are the preferred form of long-term financing among Britons with property. Such loans are taken out using the equity in a home as security, enabling the borrower to obtain tens of thousands of pounds that can be repaid over terms lasting as long as 25 years.

23 August 2015.

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