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Are you thinking of doing home improvements using the equity in your home? If so, you have two options: a home equity loan or equity release. The home equity loan is the preferred choice among most UK homeowners because of its many advantages. Learn the details of both before borrowing.

30 March 2017.

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Owning a home means being in a good financial position thanks to the equity ownership affords. As a homeowner, did you know that you can use your equity to increase the value of your property? You can, by using equity loans to make key improvements that future buyers are most interested in.

23 March 2017.

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Applying for a business loan usually means being asked about home ownership. In some cases, owning a home can mean the difference between getting the loan you want and being turned away. In the case of personal loans, home equity finance can be the one thing that seals the deal.

03 March 2017.

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Even though the main portion of the government's Help to Buy scheme expired on 31 December, first-time home buyers have other options for getting into a home even without a 25% deposit. The Help to Buy Equity Loan is one example. The loan is available to first-time buyers purchasing new builds.

02 February 2017.

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Data from a recent Key Retirement report shows that Britons are borrowing on equity release programmes in ever-increasing volumes. Banks and building societies are eager to lend as will. That means good things for property owners who want to use the equity in their homes as a financing tool.

12 January 2017.

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Property owners with sufficient equity can use that equity as a financing tool. There are two ways to do so: a house equity loan and equity release. Suffice to say that the two options are not the same. One involves the sale of the property while the other does not.

20 December 2016.

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If you are thinking about a home equity loan in 2017, it could be a good year for borrowing. Equity loan rates and deals could be very good if everything lines up just right over the next few months. If not, equity borrowing still may be a good deal.

22 November 2016.

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Home equity loans are influenced by quite a few market conditions, housing prices being among them. Fluctuations in housing prices affect how home equity loans are offered, what their rates and terms are, and the amount of risk lenders assume. Keep an eye on housing prices if you plan to borrow.

19 July 2016.

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