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When accommodating a disabled loved one through home improvements, loans are sometimes not enough to cover the cost. Thankfully, there are government grants available through local councils across the UK. Grants are different from one council to another, so property owners need to do their research.

10 February 2017.

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Home improvement loans are linked to local property values according to recently released research. In areas where property values tend to be higher, people are more willing to make home improvements in the hope of adding value to their own properties. However, the property owner's choice of improvements affects future value.

27 January 2017.

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Improvements are part of owning property. For many of us, getting a loan for home improvement is the only way we can afford costly repairs and upgrades. Fortunately, there is no shortage of attractive secured loans on offer from banks and building societies. It's a matter of applying and getting approved.

13 January 2017.

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Home improvements have been part of life for as long as humans have been living in homes. Today, homeowners use bank loans to finance everything from new kitchens to loft conversions. Indeed, a cheap home improvement loan enables you to make your home exactly what you want it to be.

06 January 2017.

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Equity in a property is a very powerful tool for financing home improvements. When a property owner takes out a home improvement loan, he or she's essentially using the money already put into the property in order to make that property better. But some home improvements are not worth financing.

13 December 2016.

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Are you thinking about shopping for loans for home improvements? Are you planning to attack your renovations as a DIY project? If you answered 'yes' to both questions, make sure your home improvement project is well planned and executed. Otherwise, you could blow your budget by making some common DIY mistakes.

28 October 2016.

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If the government offered a new subsidised house improvement loan that would enable you to install renewable energy technologies, would you take them up on it? You may have that opportunity in the future if a Conservative think tank is able to convince the government to move forward on renewable energy.

29 September 2016.

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Home improvements can come with a bit of anxiety relating to both tradesmen and secured loans. But property owners willing to invest a little bit of time in research can usually find tradesmen and loans that meet their high standards. It is a matter of looking around and asking questions.

23 September 2016.

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