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High Street banks are still not as enthusiastic as they could be about offering a traditional home loan for the self-employed. But challenger banks and specialist lenders are starting to wake up to the need for more competitive loans for this segment of the UK population. Self-employed loans are out there.

23 May 2017.

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The number of Britons taking advantage of home loan refinancing continues to increase as property values rise and equity grows. Refinancing is a way to pay for remodelling, consolidate debt, get a better interest rate, or even get a new mortgage that is more flexible than what the homeowner currently has.

16 May 2017.

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Are you an average homeowner? If so, you left home at 21, and you will live in seven different houses before you die. You will also spend more than £26,000 on home renovations. The only question relating to those renovations is how you'll pay for them. A home owner loan, perhaps?

21 April 2017.

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A soft housing market combined with other factors to bring down the total number of mortgage approvals during the first quarter of 2017. Still, there is no need for concern at this point. People are still borrowing. They are just doing so a bit differently ?? with credit cards and secured loans.

18 April 2017.

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There are certain principles that govern borrowing and lending. In the arena of home finance, it is imperative that borrowers possess at least a basic understanding of how things work in order to avoid making foolish decisions. A solid level of home finance literacy is a great thing to possess.

13 April 2017.

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Home equity is a valuable asset that needs to be protected as much as possible. According to a new report, though, that is not necessarily happening among British property owners. Ignorance of homeowner loans and interest rates is not only costing borrowers money, but it is harming their equity positions too.

31 March 2017.

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When banks and building societies make home loans, they are counting on consumers repaying those loans without issue. Still, they have to set aside provisional funds to cover losses in case defaults do occur. It's part of doing business. Banks and building societies need to budget for the loans they make.

28 February 2017.

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Statistics show that homeowner loans increase commensurate with property values. People tend to borrow more as the value of their homes goes up. But why? Well, an American researcher wanted to answer that question once and for all. He believes he did through a very careful analysis of relevant data.

09 February 2017.

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