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How people borrow in the mortgage market says a lot about our economy. Right now, long-term loans in the UK are more likely to be for renovations than first-time purchases, as property prices rise and current homeowners experience commensurate increases in equity. And the cycle goes on as expected.

16 March 2017.

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Long-term loans for people with poor credit are not as rare as you might think. Lenders are willing to overlook a certain amount of financial difficulty if a homeowner has enough equity to support borrowing. Therefore, people with bad credit should not be afraid to at least look around.

03 February 2017.

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The typical payday loan is not intended to be a long-term loan with gradually increasing interest and late payment penalties. Consumers who use these loans without due caution can easily find themselves in a terrible financial position. That's why personal loans are considered a better way to meet financing needs.

23 December 2016.

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Cheap, long-term loans are available to consumers with good credit and verifiable income. What many consumers don't know is that loans are not necessarily good deals just because they are cheap. A cheap loan may actually end up costing a borrower more in the long run through interest and fees.

08 December 2016.

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The best long-term loans made by banks and building societies are governed by a set of business practices intended to protect the best interests of lenders. These 'rules for lending' will not only determine whether a borrower is approved, but also how the transaction between borrower and lender is structured.

01 November 2016.

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Long-term loans are a good way to finance high-cost needs such as home remodelling and debt consolidation. Still, there is a lot to know and understand about this kind of financing. It is wise for consumers to thoroughly research long-term loans in the UK, before borrowing, to protect their financial positions.

06 May 2016.

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It is entirely possible to use a long-term loan to get one's financial house back in order. But for this strategy to work, the consumer must adopt a mindset that includes aggressive debt retirement and spending reductions. The nation of Cyprus provides an example of how it can be done.

29 March 2016.

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There is a lot to know about borrowing money before completing and submitting a loan application. For example, long-term loans involve what can sometimes be complicated terms and rates that the average consumer has very little knowledge of. That is why a little self-education goes a long way before you borrow.

17 March 2016.

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