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Are you one of the homeowners who took out a 2nd mortgage in 2016? If so, you were part of a market that has seen plenty of fluctuation in the last 14 months. Second mortgages have not performed as well as experts had hoped, but that is more about lenders than borrowers.

09 May 2017.

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Few would argue that we have the housing problem. Yet there is plenty of healthy debate about the best way to address it. A new white paper just released by the government offer some suggestions they believe will encourage the building of new homes without affecting the plans of current homeowners.

24 February 2017.

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It's probably safe to say that the average consumer would like to see interest rates for second mortgages go down. That may happen, according to an industry poll conducted earlier this year. The only way to know for sure though is just to sit back and let things play out.

23 February 2017.

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Second home mortgages can be a tricky thing in divorce scenarios involving one spouse keeping a current home while the other purchases something new. A number of different things have to be considered, including legal responsibilities, removing one spouse's name from a mortgage, and paying stamp duty on new property.

31 January 2017.

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Buying a second home is something homeowners do for different reasons. Most of the time, a buyer will mortgage the second home. But borrowing might be more difficult with stricter lending rules now in place. Of course, there are the matters of stamp duty and income tax to consider as well.

10 November 2016.

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The second charge market has not been very exciting since the housing crash. However, that may be poised to change very quickly. According to at least one expert, the combination of a potential base rate cut and brokers taking a new look at their fee structures could motivate people to borrow.

04 August 2016.

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Homeowners looking to remortgage their properties have another option they may not know about: combining first and second charge mortgages to close a deal that, because of the MMR, cannot be closed with a standard remortgage product. Brokers do not offer this option very often, but it still exists nonetheless.

26 July 2016.

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Second mortgages and secured loans are two of the more popular retail loan products on the market. Both allow homeowners to leverage the equity in their properties as a financing tool that can be used to consolidate debt, make home renovations, or even help buy a second home for children.

08 July 2016.

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