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Banks have been pretty lax with credit card lending for the last 18 months or so. Fierce competition has led them to extend more generous credit card offers with more liberal terms. But those are coming to an end, according to the BoE. Conversely, secured lending could be poised for growth.

02 May 2017.

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The second charge market has not done as well as lenders would have liked over the last ten years, but they have not put a lot of effort into pushing second charge products. Things are starting to change, though. The second charge market and secured loan may be coming of age.

06 February 2017.

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Secured loans have been a popular financing tool ever since they were introduced decades ago. Unfortunately, a lot of people don't know how secured loans work. It's truly a shame. The more you know about secured loans, the more you understand how beneficial they can be for financing expensive needs.

19 January 2017.

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It was natural to assume the housing crunch and tougher credit requirements would have a negative effect on the mortgage lending industry. However, that hasn't been the case. In fact, the housing crunch has produced some of the best secured loans that are only adding to the strength of mortgage lending.

30 December 2016.

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Commercial lending and borrowing are seen as somewhat of an economic harbinger because it demonstrates the willingness of businesses to take on debt. So it's good news to learn that secured business loans saw substantial growth in Q3 2016. All signs are pointing toward growing confidence in the UK economy.

04 November 2016.

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Consumers should definitely compare secured loans before applying for anything. Using a comparison website, consumers can get very good estimates relating to the total cost of borrowing. On the other hand, failing to compare makes it almost impossible to ensure a borrower is getting the best possible secured loan deal.

07 October 2016.

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When it comes to secured loans, home equity and HELOC, not understanding the terminology is a good way to find yourself in a situation that is not favourable to your finances. Before borrowing against the equity in your property, be sure to know all of the details and terms involved.

27 September 2016.

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How many property owners plan on getting secured loans without truly understanding how personal finances affect eligibility? Probably too many. The reality is that everything from personal finances to house payments to monthly bills affects one's ability to borrow ?? whether for a first mortgage or a secured loan based on equity.

15 September 2016.

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