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The home refinancing market looks to have a strong 2017 as evidenced by an annual report published by Fitch Ratings. Market conditions here are favourable for a moderation of house prices as well as more homeowners looking to refinance current homes instead of attempting to move up the property ladder.

27 April 2017.

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UK homeowners are using refinance deals in order to improve their finances. Some use the money raised to pay off more expensive debt while others are simply looking to pay off an interest-only mortgage. Indeed, there are as many reasons for refinancing as there are lenders offering refinance deals.

28 March 2017.

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There is a lot to know and understand about home refinancing before agreeing to borrow. Still, that doesn't seem to be stopping UK homeowners who are currently refinancing at a faster rate than ever before. If you're thinking of refinancing yourself, slow down and ask yourself some important questions first.

16 December 2016.

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The mortgage industry continues to hold steady despite several months of declining sales of new and existing homes. Keeping our building societies and banks afloat is a surging remortgage market among homeowners looking for better deals. Mortgage refinancing is essentially making up for the ongoing decline in new mortgage business.

15 December 2016.

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Countless numbers of UK property owners take advantage of refinancing every year. Some of them do just fine while others struggle because of their decision to refinance. On a larger scale, Manchester United is having its own refinancing struggle. Property owners can learn valuable lessons from it.

18 November 2016.

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Landlords looking to expand their portfolios have used the mortgage refinance tool to do so for years. That tool will become more difficult to use in the future thanks to new rules that go into effect on 30th September 2017. The rules could further constrict the buy-to-let market as a result.

17 November 2016.

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A new trend of using home refinancing to generate future income is starting to make its way across the States. If it catches on here in the UK, we believe it will be necessary to encourage homeowners to be cautious. The piggy bank strategy will not necessarily yield what homeowners expect.

27 October 2016.

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Consumers have been able to refinance their mortgages for as long as many of us can remember. But now you can refinance your car if you're so inclined. At least one peer-to-peer lending platform is offering an entirely online refinancing tool that promises lower interest rates and no early repayment fees.

11 August 2016.

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