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Shadow banks in the UK are starting to make their presence known in the mortgage lending market by being more amicable to self-employed borrowers. In fact, securitisation is making loans for the self-employed easier to come by in recent months. Borrowing is easier than it was just a few years ago.

11 April 2017.

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Mortgage products for the self-employed have traditionally been more difficult to get than similar products for company employees. But thanks to the willingness of banks and building societies now easing up on their restrictions, the self-employed are finding it easier than ever to get first mortgages, re-mortgages, and secured loans.

04 April 2017.

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Being self-employed does have its advantages. It also has its disadvantages, though, as evidenced by the difficulty sole traders and independent contractors have getting loans for mortgages and other needs. Loans for the self-employed require extra documentation to verify sustainable income. Accountant certificates are often required to apply for a mortgage.

06 December 2016.

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A new study has revealed that one-in-eight self-employed individuals who apply for a first mortgage or second charge loan are rejected by their banks. There are different reasons for this depending on who you ask, but is there anyone who deserves most of the blame? It's hard to say.

21 October 2016.

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A mortgage or personal loan for self-employed individuals is not as easy to get as it might seem. The self-employed are subject to stricter rules simply because they do not draw a weekly salary from an employer. They have to work harder to get a loan than just about anyone else.

30 June 2016.

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It is a well-known fact that loans for self-employed people are not as favourable as similar loans made to company employees. It is unfortunate, but the self-employed have to work a bit harder to find and obtain affordable loans for everything from buying a first house to making home improvements.

02 June 2016.

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Self-employed loans for mortgages and other purposes require borrowers to work a little harder to prove they can afford to borrow. Loans can be obtained more easily if the self-employed individual adopts a proactive approach that includes keeping good records and paying the bills on time every month.

26 May 2016.

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Secured loans for self-employed workers are a safe bet for lenders, despite the associated non-traditional employment status. Because collateral is involved, lenders are much more willing to offer secured loans to the self-employed than they are to grant first-time mortgages. But even that is changing ?? to the delight of many.

22 October 2015.

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